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Monday Musings | vol.1

May 29, 2018

Hi, friends! Welcome to the weekly wrap-up!  How was your long weekend? We had a great time! I had a few days off and now it’s time to wrap it up!  I usually have to work on Sundays but… was Race Weekend here in Indiana so the company closed our offices on Sunday and Monday.  The Indy 500 pretty much = holiday around here!

Hello, Summer!

The kids had their last day of school on Friday and then had social events.  My son went to The Escape Room in Indianapolis with his buddies.  Has anyone done the KGB Interrogation room?  I guess it is really hard and they didn’t even make it half way out!  My daughter had a pool party and sleepovers with friends.  Now that school is out, all is right in their worlds.  They are so excited to be out that they didn’t even argue when it came time to BBQ!

how to barbecue

This humidity!

We went from Winter to Summer in a matter of days here in Indiana a couple of weeks ago.  It was over 90 degrees here this week and the humidity…Bon Jovi called me for his hair back!  When I lived in Colorado my hair was so cooperative.  The dry climate was so good for styling my hair.  This is something new for me.  We have been in Indiana for 6 years and I still have a hard time with the humidity.  I picked up a couple of new styling products that are helping me out.  I love them and will share them in a post this coming week.

Talking about a Space

the best side table

I’ve had this space done for a while but wanted to share how I created a space that didn’t really belong in a room and how it has become a family favorite.  I lucked out on this find at HomeGoods and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it!  You can read about it here.

Patio Refresh Update

the cutest planters

I did a whole post about the plan for the patio refresh.  I have been holding out on the reveal because the cute little planters that I ordered have been on backorder and now I think that the order has been cancelled.  I am so sad and need to reorder them through another vendor.  Hopefully I can still get them.  I also found some things for the backyard that I wasn’t planning on adding but they make the summer a little nicer so I will include those in my reveal, too.  Coming soon!

The Best Anthropologie Dupe!

OK!  I have the best Anthropologie candle dupe!  You know, the one that smells divine and is in the beautiful mercury glass jars?  Well, the only thing missing from this scent is the jar!  My daughter found it for me at Marshall’s this last week and it smells exactly like the ones from Anthro.  It has a wooden wick so it crackles while burning.  I shared it over on my Instastories.  Run to your local Marshall’s as fast as you can because this one was $7.00.  It’s from a company called “Manly Indulgence”. (Things that make you go HMMMMM).  Click on this link if you can’t find it at Marshall’s.  It’s not $7.00, but it’s still a good buy!  OOOOOh, I have an idea!  Let’s take our old Anthro candle jars or pretty glass containers, place these in the oven on low heat to melt down, and re-pour into our own candle jars.  YES!

candle that smells like anthropologie


Easy Peel Hardboiled Eggs

Over on my Instastories I shared my personal favorite way to make hardboiled eggs that can be peeled.  For years I have always had a hard time getting them just right and not having a bunch of egg come off with my shells when peeling.  The key is the ice bath!  Here is the technique below:

easy to peel hardboiled eggs

Today I am planning the finish of the basement bathroom.  Now that I am working full-time everything takes a lot longer to do.  It has been an adjustment for the whole family including me.  I always had time to do them whenever I wanted.  Remember my most recent project?  If not, you can refresh your memory here.   Sometimes I think I am nuts.  The two projects I want to finish this summer are the basement bathroom and the library shelves. We have boxes and boxes of books that have never been unpacked since we moved in.  The bathroom has to be done first so the longer I sit here and type about it, the less time I have this summer to work on it.  I am simply procrastinating.  I have to install a Schluter Kit.  Nope.  Me neither.  The fact that I have never done it before may be what is keeping me from making any progress.  I have finished the entire basement (read here to see what happened!) and this is the last thing for it to be complete!

Wish me luck!!  I will keep you posted!  Have a great week, friends!


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