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Adding a Reading Nook | A Family Favorite

May 26, 2018

In our home, we have an open floorpan.  No space really lends itself to be a cozy reading nook.  My kitchen is my dining room is my family room.  They are all kind of one big room and very little separates the space.  I love it!  We have no unnecessary space that nobody uses.  As it is we have a library/den in the front of the house that sometimes (admittedly) becomes a landing pad for all the things that we don’t want and hasn’t made its way out of the house yet.

I added a long table (here) in between my family room sofa and my dining room table space.  The island creates a barrier between the dining room and the kitchen.  I would have rugs to help add further separation and definition to the function of the spaces but, you know, I have an old dog….no further explanation needed.  Raise your hand if you know what I mean!

In one area of the kitchen/dining space we have a sad corner.  Well, it used to be sad and lonely, but I added some seating to the space and now it is a happy corner that is well-loved and used.  When we moved in I knew something would go there but I wasn’t sure what.  I wanted somewhere for me to sit and read my devotional in the morning or catch up on an email.

how to add a reading nook

I wanted somewhere for the kids to be able to curl up with a book or just sit and chat with me as I cook or prep food.  I wanted something that handed you an invitation to sit and stay a while when you passed by.  I had my eye on I had these chairs at Ballard Designs for a while,  but the chairs didn’t seem big enough to share or lounge in.  Enter HomeGoods.  I love to peruse HomeGoods about once a week.  I am always thinking about what I want to get for the house when I go.  Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes I’m not.  Luck was on my side on this day.  Enter chair.

how to add a reading nook

It is a chair and a half and has the most comfortable shape to it.  It is very similar to the Ballard Designs chair but a bit larger.  The pickled wood and the neutral creamy/white fabric makes it the perfect addition to my room.  Because it is so neutral I am able to add pillows and blankets according to my mood or the season.  One time, 25 years ago, I bought a large sofa and matching loveseat that was blue and floral (sorry, honey).  It turned out to be pretty limiting and completely defined what I could do in a room.  Lessons learned!  I have debated adding new pillow covers to the three down pillows that came with the chair but think I just like adding an extra pillow to add color.

After adding the chair, I went looking for a pillow and blanket.  I then had to look for a small table.  Because the chair sits next to a door that we use all the time that goes into the craft room, I needed something small.  I knew I wanted some kind of metal to work with the wood and went on a hunt.  I don’t mind mixing my metals.  In fact, I like for my house to look collected over time and don’t really like it all to match.  I think it lends to an interesting and cozy home.  I found this one.

how to add a reading nook

I love that it is round, has a washed wood top and has a metal base with an  “x” design with round knuckles.  It is just the right size for a little decor (that changes often) and a cup of tea or coffee.

How to add a reading nook
Mug // Milkjug // Similar Blanket //  Woven Shades

how to add a reading nook

This is kind of an unconventional place to put a chair.  Kind of in the kitchen, kind of in the dining room, but the light…..look at the light in this space!  It floods in through the wall of windows.  It has the best light and overlooks the pond.  When people come into my home they notice this space and comment on it every time.  Like a delightful surprise.  My entire family sits in this chair.  (Not at the same time haha.)  I do sit there in the morning with my coffee and devotional.  My husband sits there to hang out with me while I am cooking.  If my kids want to visit while I’m cooking or cleaning they will hang out there.  I might mention that it is our dog’s favorite chair, too.  Mostly because it allows her to see all that is happening outside!

I encourage you to think and dream, over this long weekend, about a space that may seem like an unconventional place for something like a reading nook or writing corner.  Try it!  Be thoughtful about your space and make it lovely…You may find that it pleasantly surprises you and your family and even your guests.

Have a GREAT Memorial Day!

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