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Where Have you Been, Lately?!

March 12, 2018

Happy Monday!  Can you believe how long it has been since I have been on here?!  I can’t!!  I have never gone more than a few days without sharing with all of you.  So much has been going on that I haven’t had time to write.  But….I’m back!  I wish that I could say that I went on some cool trip or exotic excursion, but the truth is that I just went to my basement.  It felt like another planet, though!  All of the unfinished projects and DIY mess that was down there was giving me such anxiety that I needed to take ALL of my free time and pour my energy into finishing them.  Having the flu (yes, the kids managed to bring it in despite my efforts to keep it out) took me out a few days, too.  So, with my husband and I both sick, we hung out on the sofa and binge watched House of Cards.  We kept asking each other “why have we not watched this before?”.  OMG…we love it!  We are now on Season 2 and we are so hooked!

If you follow me on IG, then you have been watching the transformation and the finishing of projects.  And, if you don’t follow me, head over to @thoughtfullylovely and catch up or follow along on my IG stories!   I love to give tips about current projects and how-tos when tackling something.  There might be something you would like to know about!  Or maybe not, but I would still love to see you on IG!  And, I am not an expert, but I have done all of the projects without hiring them out and share my trials and triumphs along the way.  Plus, I’ve been around a long time, LOL!!!

The reason that I have felt so much pressure to finish these projects that have taken me more than the proper amount of time to complete is because I have a new job!  And my days will no longer consist of piddling around the house with no deadline. I work really well under pressure and can be a bit of a procrastinator.   So, along with being really excited for this new opportunity, I wanted to finish things and cross them off of my list and out of my mind!  Can you relate??  It goes right along with my word for the year “intentional”.

I finished tiling a pantry floor that my husband and I just stopped working on and left ALMOST finished one day.  It sat that way for a year?!  I also installed all of the trim, installed all of the pantry shelving and touched up all of the paint and caulking.

how to install baseboards

DIY pantry shelving

I also installed 550 white subway tiles one-by-one, grouted, caulked them all, too.  And reinstalled my lighting.

how to install subway tile

how to install a sconce

In the midst of taking care of the family and everything else that comes along with being married and having children and a home, and making sure that I intentionally spent quality time with all of them, I completed some HUGE projects that I just haven’t given the time to. I will be talking more about these individually soon on here and can’t wait to share the final results!!!

My new job starts Wednesday and I am so excited!!  I am equally thrilled to have these projects done!  So, I wish it was more exciting, but this is where I have been and I have missed you!

Have a GREAT WEEK, friends!


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