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Wooden Beaded Chandeliers | Where to Find Them Like Mine

January 25, 2018

I have had a lot of questions about the chandelier in my craft room lately.  I bought it at World Market about three years ago because I fell in love with its patina and weathered beads. Inspired by vintage French antiques, the chandelier features a teardrop silhouette in a distressed graywash finish and cascades of beads. I loved the black iron and thought the color was perfect for the space I was finishing.

craft room wooden beaded chandelier


My craft room reveal can be seen here. Unfortunately, they don’t carry it anymore.  I actually think I got one of the last ones.  So, I have scoured the internet for you and found some amazing alternatives!  While none of them have the beaded strands, they all have fun personality.  All of them have 6-arms like mine and are in the same price range, too!

1 //  Did you guys know that Target carries chandeliers now??  It was a surprise to me.  So I found this one!  It is very pretty and almost like the one that I have, minus the wooden beads. It is a simple addition.  $238

2  //  How about this one from Birch Lane?  It is a little lighter, but I love it!!  It has a patina finish on the arms instead of black but I am digging it!  $256

3 //   This beauty is from Home Depot.  It boasts a very simple, clean design with just a couple of beads on the arm but it is the same color as the one in the craft room. Bonus….it’s $196!

4 //  Another option from Birch Lane is this one.   While it boasts a more ornate and lighter washed frame, it is still simple and elegant.  $256

5 //  I LOVE this one from Birch Lane!  So fun with its beads that hang down on each tier, drawing your eye up the whole fixture.  It is wood and boasts a beautiful weathered patina frame.   A great addition to any space!  $266

I hope that if you are looking for a wooden chandelier like the one I have in the Craft Room that this has helped you find what you might be looking for or at least help you navigate through to something that really speaks to you for YOUR space!  Happy Day!

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