cutest puppy valentine box
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How to Make the Most Adorable Puppy Valentine Box

January 29, 2018

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  It will be here before we know it!!  Let’s get together and make the cutest Valentine’s Day box now!   Teachers and classmates will swoon over this cutie pie when your child brings it to class…and the puppy won’t even make a mess!

How to Make a Puppy Valentine’s Box

Gather supplies.

  1. Two string mops refills.
  2. One shoe box for the body ( make sure the box is white, wrapped in white paper or painted white.  Hindsight we should have done that)  **TIME SAVER:  Target carries a plain, white shoebox with the hole cut open for Valentines for $3 in the Valentine section.**
  3. One smaller box for the head (tape or glue so that it is smooth and won’t open)
  4. Ribbon
  5. One square red felt, one square black felt
  6. Hot glue gun/hot glue sticks
  7. Box cutter/blade
  8. Scissors

Let’s Make This

  •  Hot glue the smaller box at the front of the lid of shoebox with a slight over hang.  This is the head.
  • Cut a rectangular hole (big enough for valentines to go into) into the lid of the shoebox near the back of the head with the box cutter. Place the lid onto box.  This is the body.
  • Take one mop refill.  Run the hot glue down center of the “spine” of the puppy.  Place the refill on the hot glue.  It should hang down to touch the work surface.  Give your puppy a haircut so the strings just touch the surface.  Set excess strings aside.  (Be sure not to cover the rectangular hole we left for the valentines to go in.)

Cutest Puppy Valentines Box

  • Place second refill on the puppy’s head.  Measure how much is needed to cover the head and cut off excess.
  • Hot glue the newly sized refill to the puppy’s head to meet the refill on the back.

cutest puppy valentines box

  • Create a tail out of the excess you cut off of the head and hot glue into place on the back of the puppy.
  • To cover the seams, cut off extra strings and glue down the seams until satisfied.
  • Remember those excess strings in step 1?  Take those and fill in spaces around the body (bottom of the box)

Cutest puppy valentine box

  • Place lid onto body, cut strings giving puppy a haircut and glue excess pieces into blank spaces with hot glue until satisfied.
  • Cut circles for the eyes and a heart for the nose.  Glue nose on upside down and eyes appropriately placed above it.
  • Cut a tongue out and hot glue into place.
  • Cut two pieces of ribbon and create “pig-tails” for your puppy.  Cut another piece of ribbon to the tail to wrap around the tail and tie into bow.  Glue ribbons into place so they don’t come untied or fall off.

cutest puppy valentine box

Enjoy your child bringing the most adorable Puppy Valentine Box to school!

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