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An Honest Review of American Blinds

January 15, 2018

We have been in our new for home for 3 years.   We waited for just the right lot on a pond to become available and built our home.  We moved in and I got to work decorating and living.  I have been wanting to purchase window treatments for the main floor since we moved in but never found anything that I loved AND was budget friendly.  This is how I eventually turned to American Blinds.   Let me just tell you that this is NOT a sponsored post!  I  just wanted to give my honest opinion and experience since it took me so long to actually pull the trigger.

A couple of years ago, I found a really beautiful creamy floral fabric for the drapes with colors of sunshine.  I chose this fabric because it is happy and bright.  It is very gray here in Indiana for months at a time so I wanted to have happy colors smiling at me instead of the never-ending frowning gray.   I only wanted them to flank the windows and not be functional.

I made the drapes but I went no further.  After I made them, the kids and hubby would constantly pull them across the window to block the glare of the sun from the T.V. during the day.  All. Day.  I didn’t want to have this really thick upholstery fabric constantly pulled across the window as the drapes are only supposed to be to add color and warmth to the space.  They didn’t understand why I would make drapes that weren’t supposed to be functional. (Do they even know me?!)

how to make drapes

When we moved in,  I hung the “I don’t want the world to see me naked and it doesn’t want to, either” paper shades in every bedroom and bathroom.  Those corrugated paper shades did the job but quickly became a nuisance.  So, I went to Lowe’s and bought the Levlor natural roman shades in Tatami.  Why those?  They were available that day, I liked the color of them, they are backed with a blackout liner, they could be custom cut to fit my windows and I wouldn’t have to break the bank to get window coverings.  It is almost three years later and I still love them.  They have worked well for our needs and held up perfectly!

When I started looking for options for the main floor, I really tried to just go purchase the same Tatami shades as I had upstairs to save time and money.  When I went to purchase them  I realized that, while any of the shades could have been cut to the width I needed,  they do not make them any longer than 60″ on the wide shades.  My windows are 72″ long and around 60″ wide.  I was forced to order them custom-made.

That started my search.  I knew that I didn’t want to buy wood blinds that would make us look through rows of horizontal lines given the fact that we had waited so long for the lot we were on and wanted to see the pond during the day with no interference.  That also eliminated plantation shutters.  I also didn’t want the trouble of drapes that needed to be closed and then opened several times a day.  That becomes a nuisance because I find myself alway primping the drapes we already have in the house….that would just mean more time out of my day doing that.  No thanks!

When I added the Tatami shades upstairs, I also put them in the powder bath and the mudroom on the main floor.  Both rooms can be seen as you enter the house so whatever I was going to do had to coordinate somewhat with what was there.  It didn’t have to be the same, but it needed to be cohesive.  I looked at Smith and Noble, one of my favorites, but one shade was going to almost $1000.  After searching for a long time, I finally gave in to American Blinds when I saw an amazing sale for 45% off the natural Roman Shades I wanted.

I read some reviews.  Some good, some bad.  But, the price was so good for the 9 shades that I needed that I was willing to check it out!!!  Knowing that I wanted natural woven roman shades I ordered some samples (you can order up to 10 free samples and ship for free)  and the first round that I ordered never arrived.  I called a week later and they apologized and overnight shipped the same samples for free.  I recommend ordering the samples because some of them that looked like they would work absolutely did not once I had them in my hands.

American Blinds Review

It took me a few days to decide which sample I liked best.  The samples are large enough to get an accurate feel on the color and texture, which I found to be really great!  You can see that they have all different textures and colors to choose from and it was honestly hard to choose them online.  But, I chose the ones that I felt would go with our home.  Once the samples came I eliminated the ones that I immediately knew were not going to work.  Too brown, too this, too that.  I settled on three.  I put tape on the back and put them all on the windows.  Moving them around to different windows allowed me to see how the light played in the room with the colors and the material.  You may have seen my choices on my Instagram on Stories.

I eventually chose the Bali, Mindoro in color Acorn woven shade. It is a really pretty gray/green with some blond and brown tones.  It is also a mix of matchstick and flat bamboo. I paid a little extra to get them all cordless and room darkening.  We waited so long and they will be in our house for many, many years if not forever, so I just got what I truly wanted for a little extra cost.  I love the color, it works with my drapes and decor and compliments the blinds that are already visible on the main floor.

Bali, Mindoro, Acorn

I took the plunge and ordered them.  All 9!!  I did all of the measurements myself using their guide and it was really easy.  Also, customer service is REALLY helpful!  If you don’t know what you’re doing, they also have design consultants available to help you with colors, etc.

Why I love them:

I was able to get 45% off the regular price.  PLUS, they always offer free shipping!  Winning!  They are always running a special, but this was a really good one!!  You will always be able to save at least 30-35% from what I have seen.  If you don’t see a sale when you look, make a cart and then keep checking on the website….you will be able to get them on sale!    They said that they would be shipped out in 2 weeks, however, they were shipped in one! I came home one day to an amazing surprise finding them on my doorstep!!  They were packaged well and not missing any parts or pieces.

Inside I found each shade wrapped in bubble wrap and labeled on the inside of the top bracket which room it is for.  I thought that was awesome and so helpful. (Make sure in your cart that you make a little note on your order of which room that shade is for.)  There were instructions for installing so I got to work.  It took me a couple of hours to do it BY MYSELF, (because if I wait for help, they will never get hung and also because I am impatient)  but the shades are really easy to install.  You can order inside mount or outside mount.

The quality is SO GOOD!  The are completely custom, which I never thought I would have for such a good price.  Much better than the Levlor shades from Lowe’s which will do in the bedrooms and bathrooms.  I am so glad that I waited all this time and ordered what I really wanted.  One blind was not lifting up like it was supposed to, but they include a small allen wrench and give easy instructions on how to tighten the tension.  I really am so impressed and pleased!  They are better than I expected from a place that I had never used before and would order again if I ever needed to.

bali, mindoro, acorn, woven shades, american blinds


The shades finish the space and make it more cozy and beautiful.  The colors are perfect!  They function perfectly.  I am so glad that I waited and scoured the internet for the best deal I could find.  Now that summer sun won’t be able to heat up our family room like it has in the past and the family can stop adding more work to my plate by constantly closing the drapes that were never meant to be functional!  I hope that this post is helpful for anyone on the fence about ordering from American Blinds or want an alternative to REALLY expensive window treatments!



Have a great week!!

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