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My Favorite Things | Not Just for the Holidays

December 15, 2018

There are just a few more days before Christmas….10 to be exact!  I wanted to round up my favorite things for you to add to your list of must haves this season or really any time!  If you need a last minute gift for a friend or receive a gift card or a monetary gift this season to get something for yourself, these are great items to consider!

one // This is absolutely my favorite body lotion of all time.  I stopped wearing perfume when I started using this about 17 years ago.  It has a really fresh scent that lasts all day and leaves your skin really soft.  It’s a must have for me!  There are a few by Philosophy that look the same, but THIS is the one you want.

two //  My go-to foundation every day is this and I love it.  It has SPF 20 and has great coverage.  Foundation has always felt really heavy to me so I never wore it before I found this.  This makes my skin tone even and is a serum so it is really light; like I’m not even wearing anything at all.   I wear Bare Nude 09, apply with a brush and a little goes a long way.

three //  Because I do shower every day but don’t wash my hair every day,  one of the things that is a must have for saving my hair is this shower cap.  It is lined inside with terry cloth so it absorbs the steam from the shower and keeps my hair from becoming frizzy.  Whenever there is humidity, my hair wants to go into 80s Big Hair Band mode. I used to use a cheap plastic cap like the ones the lunch ladies use, but they didn’t last very long and they didn’t do much to protect my hair from moisture.  You can wash it and use it over and over.  I’ve had mine for a long time.

four //  My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pajamas of all time.  The sets last forever and maintain their shape, comfort and feel.  I have a few sets of these pajamas (or any of them because they are that good) that I have received or bought over the years and I love them as much now as when I first got them.  They are the only pajamas I buy.  I have tried from other places and always come back to these.

five // I love these headphones for a lot of reasons.  I can’t wear the Apple earbuds because they really hurt my ears.  And I wanted wireless headphones that have a good range so I could leave my phone on the counter or in my gym bag and move around freely.  I also wanted them connected to eachother so when I take one side out (because someone wants to talk to me or I need to ask somebody something) I could just let it go and could easily find it again around my neck.  They are really comfortable, soft and the sound is really amazing.  For me, they are perfect for my needs.

six //  My Ugg Slippers….I put them on as soon as I get home and don’t take them off until I go to bed I love them that much. I can’t wait to wrap my feet in the warm hug of my Uggs.  Even if it is the middle of the day in the summer.

seven //  My most favorite candle.  From my most favorite store.  Not all candles at Anthropologie smell the same.  This one is my favorite and I feel is iconic to the store’s signature scent.  I love the mercury glass and I love THIS scent above all of the other ones they offer.  It seems to transcend through all of the seasons well.

eight //  My newest love (in addition to my new carpet cleaning machine) is this skincare line.  I love the way it makes my skin look and feel and I am actually excited about my skin again!  This set is the Premium Collection and is 50% 0ff right now!  It introduces you to everything.  I ordered it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and just ordered some more to add to my arsenal.  If you just want to try the line to see how you like it, now is a great time to get the Discovery Kit.  This way you can try everything for a fraction of the cost to see how your skin loves it.  Both kits are perfect for taking your skin care with you in a carry-on and come with a quilted bag that it all fits in.  If I was going to start with three things, it would be the Radiant Cleansing Balm, Retinol Supreme Night Oil and the Sheer Renewal Cream.

nine //  These packing cubes are a lifesaver in my suitcase or carry-on.  They fit so much and keep my clothes from wrinkling. They make unpacking so easy and I have a different colored set for different family members so everyone knows what is theirs.  They fold up and stack within each other.  Machine washable and a packing sanity-saver. Come in a variety of colors!

ten //  When it comes to getting ready for the day, I need my routine to be easy and quick!  Because I have discovered a great skin care line that I love, it makes applying my make-up less work than it used to be.  And I need all the help I can get!  I don’t need a huge caboodle full of makeup, just the essentials. I love these brushes because they have a case to travel, are so soft, antibacterial and perfect for my minimal makeup needs.  They aren’t crazy expensive, either.  A great place to start!

eleven //  It takes forever + it’s not good to wash and style your hair more than 2-3 times a week. This dry shampoo saves my hair every.time.  Smells so good and refreshes my locks perfectly!  It adds boost to the roots, absorbs oil and leaves my hair feeling fresh.  This in an Allure 2018 Best of Beauty Award winner!

Have a great weekend, friends!  I hope you have finished your holiday shopping and are on top of it all.  But, if you’re not, I hope this gives you a little help.  You can also see how I save money every time I shop and save BIG on my Christmas shopping here.

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