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Choosing a Focus Word for the Year | 2019

December 31, 2018

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and had a wonderful time recouping from the frenzied holiday, LOL!  We had a beautiful Christmas.  It is so filling for me to see the kids put so much thought into the things they got for one another and for my husband and I.  What moved me wasn’t the actual things, it was how much attention they paid to what each person likes and has a passion for so that they would receive a gift that really meant something to them.  It was so great!

OK….It’s that time of year again.  Today I am moving my mind and my to-do-list into the new year!  I keep saying that I will get to things on January 1.  Tomorrow is really filling up!  How do you propel yourself forward into the new year?  What methods do you use to boost your productivity or views?  Every year I choose a word to live by and try to make that word my focus for the year to help keep me on track.

Do you ever walk around throughout your day doing mundane and repetitive things, just going through the motions?  With no real motivation for doing the task at hand or making a mistake because you just weren’t really paying attention?  I do it all.the.time.  It’s not intentional, but I get distracted by my own mind.  Anyone here relate?

I have 100 things going through my mind at the same time all the time and forget to focus on what I am actually doing.  When doing a task, especially one that I do a thousand times a day (laundry, dishes, etc) I have already moved on to the next thing in my mind even though my body is still following through with the task it was already doing.  Or not following through.

Often I find myself having “butterfly” moments.  Embarrassed to admit that sometimes I just leave in the middle of what I am doing to “come back to it later”.  Ever leave the dishwasher door open and get distracted while loading the dishes?  No?  Just me?  I think to myself, “I will do this OTHER thing real quick while I’m thinking about it and come right back to this”, only to come around an hour later with the dishwasher door still open, half loaded and the sink half empty because that one thing led to another and another.  It is something that I do that drives me nuts.  The worst part?  I forget all about what I was originally doing until I see it!  Yikes!

My focus word for 2019:  Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a constant effort to focus on the present moment.

We all have things about ourselves that we would like to change or like to improve within our bodies, minds and spirits.  Having a word like “Mindfulness” is going to help me be more engaged in the moments I am already in.  From the most mundane things like laundry, dishes or even making myself a cup of coffee to the moments where my kids are telling me a loooooooong story.  Is it just my kids?

I want to be mindful… focus on the present moment. Mindfulness…. it is my focus word for 2019 and I can’t wait to apply it.  I want to be constantly focused on the present in all that I do.  It really is going to be a challenge, but I am up for it.  Last year my word was “intentional”.  It means something different to me than “mindfulness” even though they are similar.   I wasn’t as intentional as I wanted to be.  Not at all.  Only partially…I have some excuses and my family went through a lot of changes, but why mention those?  It doesn’t really matter.  It just matters that I recognize it and try to do better this coming year.  We can only try to do better.

The things I want to be mindful of are all around me.  All day Every day.  I want to be mindful in the things I do from the moment I wake up.   I am really good at making lists but not so good at completing the tasks.  Almost like they are a suggestion instead of a to-do.   This next year I want to follow through and be mindful of the tasks I have to or want to accomplish.  I want you to find success this year, too, so I would love to hear YOUR focus word for 2019!  Did you choose a B.H.A.G.?

Do you want to see my focus words from the past and the B.H.A.G.? You can see that post here.  The post also talks about how and why I choose a focus word every year.  It gives you a glimpse into why I choose a word, how I put it all into motion and then gives some reflection on how it works for me.  I hope it helps you, too!

I would love it if you would share with all of us the ways YOU greet the new year with purpose!


Happy New Year, friends!

Let’s make it count!  After all, our families deserve it!


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