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The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine | So Easy

December 11, 2018

My guests will start to trickle in this week and I want everything to be beautiful.  I admit it….I love to be surrounded by a beautiful and calming environment (if I can help it).  This is where the carpets in my home have started to fall short.  I have been talking about getting the carpets professionally cleaned before the holidays and now time has run out!  I thought I would have enough good weather to have them done, but mother nature had different plans and just the other day we were covered in a sheet of ice.  I saw an ad for a from Hoover and it looked promising and easy so I bought one.  I am so glad that I did!  It is the best carpet cleaning machine I have ever owned!

We have little humans, big humans and dogs in this house and sometime accidents happen.  Even the most cautious of ladies spills her red wine now and then.  I had a carpet cleaning machine before and I thought it was pretty good!  It was a Bissel and after its years of service, I sold it in a garage sale and said farewell to my beloved friend.  I have been on the hunt for a good machine since then and, like I said, I saw an ad for this new machine and I immediately went on the hunt to find it!  Good thing I don’t ever watch QVC…I  would probably own all kinds of incredibly irresistible gadgets with the promise of making my life better in some way!

I wasted no time.  As soon as I had it at home I ripped open the box and put it together. Is it weird to be that excited over a vacuum?  The ad gave me so much hope to have clean carpets quickly and easily that I think I just wanted to see if it was true.  That….and I was longing for clean carpets again.

It was really easy to assemble. Just one click of the handle and I was ready to go!  It didn’t require any tools.  The machine came with a pet and stain solution so I was set. I didn’t even have to make an extra trip back to the store.  It comes with an attachment bag with a clever hook to hang in your closet and store the hose and nozzle which can be used for cleaning the stairs and furniture.  I just plugged it in and got to cleaning my carpets.

There are three easy steps you take to get it going.

1) Fill the chamber for the cleaning solution.

2) Add warm/hot water to the water chamber.

3) Plug it in and turn on the power with your foot.  So. Easy.

best carpet cleaning machine

It is used just like a regular vacuum. So, I pressed the power button, the brushes started to spin, and I pushed the machine forward.  As the machine moves forward it mixes the perfect amount of cleaning solution to water and scrubs it.  Here’s the coolest part:  when you pull the machine back it automatically goes into dry mode and pulls the water out….and I didn’t have to put it into another setting manually like my old machine.  Winning!  It is so smart…probably why they called it the Smartwash.  It may take a few passes over set in stains (like the red wine) but this machine is amazing!  You can see in the photo below that mystery stains in my son’s room are bad!  I don’t even want to know who spilled what on that carpet.

how to remove stains from carpet

After I went over the entire bedroom I set it into “dry only” mode and went over the whole room to extract any extra water from the carpet.  It was dry within a couple of hours and looks almost like new.  It scrubs and gives new life to the fibers so they look almost new!  Imagine those perfect lines you get from a fresh vacuum (that most of us love to see) and multiply it by 100.  That is how good the room looks.

Another thing I noticed with this machine is that the carpet doesn’t feel crunchy like some cleaners leave the carpet feeling.   The fibers are nice and soft.  And can we talk about the dirty water chamber?!  GROSS!  I had no idea the amount of dirt in the carpet…and we don’t wear shoes in the house, either.  Some of the stains that I have tried to get out for a long time (that my daughter and her friends made during a sleepover) and I would keep coming back to using , having no luck.  *Rabbit hole:  this stain remover is the bomb.  You can use it on laundry, too.  Ever had a kid with a bloody nose in the middle of the night get it all over the sheets? This stuff works like a charm at getting it out!* Anyway, the machine did the trick and  got the impossible stains out….AMEN!

best way to get stains out of carpet


I am so happy that I bought this machine and I just really wanted to share it with you!  The ease of use, the way it dries so fast and the way it looks in the end…I would buy it again and again. I love it that much.  I was able to do three large bedrooms and half of another with the one container of solution and that took me a couple of hours.  The carpets being clean make me so happy.  I didn’t have to wait for a company to show up and for the doors to my home to remain open the whole time they were there and I didn’t have a bunch of strangers in my home.  Plus, I can use it whenever I want to!


Deals this week on the Hoover Smartwash:

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Kohls – Use code USAVEMORE for 15% off plus earn $50 Kohls Cash + free shipping


I hope that your Holiday season is lovely and an amazing time with family and friends.  I am sure you can score this machine for a deal in these next couple of weeks.

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Have a great day!




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