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Magnolia | Hearth and Hand Review

November 6, 2017


I haven’t seen a line like Hearth and Hand have so much buzz and anticipation precede it in a really long time. Well, I have made it in, like most people who were waiting like it was Christmas, grabbed my Peppermint Mocha in my Holiday cup from Starbucks and perused the store. I wanted to see what we all got excited about with my own eyes!  It is like a little piece of The Magnolia store and Waco, TX right here by my home and I couldn’t be more excited!  I didn’t see everything at Target, but what I did see I absolutely have heart eyes for!!  The prices are good and the items are either eclectic, whimsical or extremely practical which makes me love everything even more than just knowing it dons the name Magnolia!

Bag  –  You had me at hello!  Perfect for me to take with me and throw the computer in.  Love the leather detail with the handles and the shoulder strap.  Use this bag for everything! And I love the neutral colored bag, too.

Wreath – You all know how I love a good wreath!  I love that this is lambs ear with delicate white flowers.  It is simply beautiful.

This candle holder is simple elegance.  Not fussy or ornate but elegant none the less.  I absolutely love that you can fill it with anything to reflect the season or event that is happening around you. It is beautiful even by itself without anything.  I love the color, too.

The emerald color in these vases is so beautiful!!  I am loving the emerald that is in right now and these are spot on!  The deep, rich hues are just so gorgeous!

I love these pitchers.  They are different from anything I have seen before and I am loving this green.  I love the handmade feel and look of these and their perfect Imperfections!  Awesome any time of the year and for any occasion.

I am so happy to see all of the shades of green since it is my favorite color.  They have chosen shades and colors that are simple but make a statement no matter what the piece is!  There is actually so much that I want to get for my home that I now think my entire Wish List for Christmas is going to have one thing on it…. “Anything from Hearth and Hand”!

Why I love this so much!

Hearth and Hand by Magnolia

What do I love about this styling?  The question is what don’t I love?!  1. The stoneware is perfectly imperfect.  I love the simplicity and would use these dishes Isn’t that little house adorable at the bottom of the bowl?  2. I love the matte black silverware.  So cool!  You don’t see black silverware often and this paired with the stoneware is simply gorgeous.  3.  GALVANIZED CHARGER and napkin ring…I just did a post yesterday on chargers. (You can read that here.)   I love that you can take something so industrial and make it look elegant enough for your holiday table!  They achieved that with the gold welding.  Beautiful!  4.  Check out that place card holder!  I love that!  I love that they are versatile enough to go with EVERY dinner you have around your table because of their simplicity.  5.  Their glassware is beautiful and timeless.  It has a vintage but classic vibe.  It also comes in green! (win) 6.  So many choices for linens.  I love the black and green for the holidays.  It is just too much!!  This table has the perfect styling and lucky for us it’s a one stop shop!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to get out head over to the website!  What are your favorites from the Hearth and Hand line?



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