Fab Friday Finds

Fab Friday Finds | Thanksgiving Style

November 1, 2017

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?  I know that Starbucks thinks it’s already Christmas, but I am here to remind you that we still have Thanksgiving to enjoy first.  In less than three weeks we will be opening our homes to or traveling to spend time with family.  It’s time to put away the potion bottles, bats and skulls from Halloween and embrace the fact that now our homes need to be Thanksgiving ready…..and fast!

I have pulled together a great collection of things that I would love to have to set or serve.  In fact, you may just see a few (if not all) of these things if you are coming to my house for the holiday!  You can check out a few of my other Fab Friday Finds recently posted for more ideas on items for the Fall.

1 //   I think that these glasses are so cute!  If you like handpainted specialty glasses these are beautiful!  I love that they are a step away        from the traditional colors of Fall and have a more muted palette.  It doesn’t matter what color scheme you use, these are versatile. You can pick up 6 for under $50. Don’t forget your FREESHIP code.

2 //   Let’s talk chargers.  I love to use charger plates on my table, but only for the holidays.  The family knows something special is happening when the chargers come out!  These are simple and pretty.  If you aren’t into gold, they have silver, too.  They are an inexpensive addition to the table, reusable and add a special touch.  If you are looking for something else in a charger like driftwood, bamboo or hammered copper they are available, but not under $50.

3 //   Your turkey will be gobbled up when served on this platter.  It is simple but adds another element of beauty to the table.  On clearance now for under $30!

4 //   Napkin rings….love them, use them.  I actually have these in “family” instead of the embossed “gather” and I love them.  They are good for every holiday.  You can pick 8 of these up for under $40.  These paired with a silver charger plate….beautiful!

5 //  Serve it up with this beautiful pie server!  I love the clever and sweet branch and twig.  It adds a touch of whimsy to the table and will surely be an interesting addition.  At $18 you could get one for the apple AND one for the pumpkin pie!

Enjoy the transition phase from freaky to fabulous over these next few weeks.  Even if you aren’t planning a dining event in your home, a couple of these items would make great gifts.  If you are bringing the turkey, serve it up on that beautiful platter.  Bringing the pie?  Add in this server and wow your host!  Have a great week!


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