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Fab Friday Finds | What I Bought this Week

November 10, 2017


I went out with my husband on Wednesday to shop for our oldest daughter’s birthday this weekend.  He doesn’t usually go with me to shop but he was off so we took advantage of it and, sorry honey, I found things that I thought should come home with us.  They are beautiful holiday decor that will be such nice additions to our cozy home this Christmas.  And, no, surprisingly enough we didn’t forget the birthday present!  Check out what came home with us!

Tree Collar   It was a toss-up between the hammered gold and the basket…the gold won.  It also comes in Hammered Silver, galvanized and red.  I was in need of a new tree skirt because my daughter’s rabbit decided that my old one was delicious.  I was looking for a new one and saw this as I was walking through Crate and Barrel.  The end.

Winterberry Pillow  I love the different hues of green and the gold dots.  It is backed with a gorgeous green velvet.  I also love that the dots in the pillow look like cheetah print!  These will go on the sofa in the family room and I might pair it with gold and white.  Maybe something in a chunky knit.  They are good all winter as they aren’t Christmas themed.

Garland for the mantle.  It looks sparse and real, like something you would actually find in the woods.  I love the pinecones, too.  It won’t take up all of the space on the mantle and won’t look like something that has been sitting in a box for a year when I pull it out again. This one will last a while.

Hurricane Lamps  I have been looking for something to add to the coffee table and my search is over. They are a mercury meets hammered glass meets gold.  I bought the large and small and they are the perfect counterbalance to the rustic wood and iron of the table.  The soft glow of the candles that burn within them are so beautiful at night.  They will remain there even after the holidays!

Gold Hammered Tray  This is also part of the line holiday line from Target but I don’t care.  This now sits beside the hurricanes (from above) and I love it all together.  I needed something to corral all of the little things on the table like the remotes and coasters. We also have this exact gold in our glass lamps on the table behind the sofa and I love that these help draw out the color of that metal.

I love all of these finds this week and they are now residing in my home and can’t wait to put it all together!   I don’t typically decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, (you can find items for your thanksgiving table here) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about it all of the time!

Do you put up your Christmas or holiday decor up before or after Thanksgiving?  Does it feel weird with a Christmas tree up during Thanksgiving dinner?


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