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Fab Friday Finds | Valentine’s Edition

February 2, 2018

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching….WHAT?  I feel like I just got my Christmas stuff put away.  Oh, wait, I did just get Christmas put away.  Seriously, it has been below zero and snowy for a while here in Indiana so it took a while to get the lights out of the trees and all of the decorations taken down from outside.  Every now and then we are blessed with sunshine and 50 degree weather here in January.  Thank the Lord.  Just enough for all of us to thaw out.

I went to Hobby Lobby a day or two after Christmas and they were already putting the Valentine’s Day decorations out!  I just couldn’t believe it.  But, I guess for crafters and bloggers, Christmas was in July and we all need to get on to Valentine’s Day ASAP!

I went out and found some great items for your Valentine’s Day.  Mine will pretty much consist of making heart-shaped pancakes in the morning,  classroom parties and pajamas to finish the day, which is fine by me.  I put together some things that I thought would be great whether you’re heading out for a night with your valentine or hanging in for the night!

one //  Since my night will more likely be spent inside cozied up by a fire, these will do just fine!  Soma has THE BEST pajamas. I own several sets.  Any excuse to grab a new set is always ok with me.

two //   Pier1 always has the best painted wine glasses.  These are easy to hold during those long sessions of making creative homemade Valentines cards.  Hosting a “Galentine” dinner?  How fun would these be for all your best gals to celebrate with? 20% off this week AND free shipping.  (And If you need some help with a unique and adorable Valentine Box for your kiddo, check out this tutorial here.)

three //  And, if you’re going to be drinking wine, our favorite is this.  We love it for its price point and the fact that it’s just, well, delicious!  The Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite while my husband loves the Merlot.  Both are equally good!  We have tried all kinds of wine, really expensive and really inexpensive, but we always come back to this one.  You know why?  Because it tastes so good!  Costco seems to have to best price but you can get it almost anywhere.

four //  If I were to be going out, I think this dress would be sweet and beautiful at the same time and maybe a little sassy.  It has a full midi skirt with beautiful lace detail and the lacing up the back.  So pretty! 20% off and free shipping

five //  Red lipstick is something you either wear or you don’t.  I think that it’s fun, but I don’t typically wear it unless it’s a special occasion.  This lipstick is call Russian Red.  The great thing about it is that it is a quality lipstick that won’t break the bank! It’s the little version of the big MAC and will run you around $10!  (You can see my favorite MAC lipstick I wear all the time in this Fab Friday Finds here.)

six //  Can we talk shoes for a second?   These are so fun and flirty! I wouldn’t pair it with this lace dress ( or my pajamas) but these would be so great with that little black dress.  It’s always fun to add a new accessory to that staple in your closet.

seven //  OMG!  This is a bonus.  Maybe forget the homemade cards and go with these candy bar wrappers!  How fun are these??They are personalized for you without you doing any of the work and really cute.   Inexpensive and unique.  You simply wrap them around a candy bar!  But it’s ok if you still get the wine glasses and drink the wine anyway.

Hope your preparations for Valentine’s Day go smoothly and you all have fun this year no matter what you’re doing!

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