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Baublebar vs. Sugarfix | What’s The Difference?

June 10, 2018

Happy Sunday!  

Let’s have some fun and talk about accessories for a minute!  I love a good statement earring or necklace and usually have something whimsical on to add a little interest to an otherwise boring outfit.  I have been posting some photos on my Instagram Story lately and I usually get asked a few questions about my earrings or necklace.  They look like they might all be from the same place and, actually, they kind of are.  But, let’s talk about Baublebar vs. Sugarfix, shall we?

My favorite accessories come from Baublebar.  It is absolutely my favorite! My collection of fun, whimsical accessories is growing at an exponential rate!  I love adding color to any ensemble especially if it is at work!   Cropped pants are not in the dress code but no-one said anything about great accessories!  Some of my favorites are these, these and these!! I have this obsession with tassels and I am not afraid to say it.  

Target has recently (as of last year) started carrying a line of jewelry called Sugarfix. Did you know that Sugarfix is a line created by Baublebar?  And it is all under $30!  There are some fun options in this line and as soon as I saw it in Target,  I rushed right over to it!  I loved these, these and these and immediately snatched them up!!!  They took some of their designs and made them more affordable by making slight changes to the materials they used to make them less expensive.  

Sugarfix Earrings
Sugarfix Tassel Earrings

I have noticed the differences between the two and wanted to find out what they are and share them with you in case you were ever wondering!  I have pieces from both lines and Baublebar is better quality.  Hands down.  I love the feel of the tassels as they are thicker and the string that the tassels are made out of is a better quality.  Baublebar tassels are made out of polyester and have a higher quality feel as opposed to Sugarfix’s tassels that are made out of nylon.   Here are some ways that they differ.

           Baublebar                                                                           Sugarfix

Tassels made of polyester thread                                   Tassels made from nylon thread

Extensive collection                                                         Limited collection

More substantial                                                              Less full/less material

Gold plating                                                                       Iron, steel


sugarfix earrings, baublebar earrings

I love the Sugarfix line and own some of the accessories within it.  I do, however, think that you truly get what you pay for.  I love the quality of the Baublebar accessories I have more.  They feel so much better and I can actually SEE the differences between the two.  The colors are so rich and pretty and more vibrant in Baublebar.  The metal is better quality from the chain to the clasp to the little details in between.  The tassel threads are much softer, too.  Nylon is a little coarse and less dense.  They have great little deals all the time and if you shop their sale selection you can get some great quality stuff for under $20!

I think that if you really don’t care about polyester vs. nylon in the thread or resin vs. acrylic and just want a fun pop of color to add to your wardrobe for a short season, that Sugarfix is a GREAT way to add fun without breaking the bank!  Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot of dollars on trendy jewelry that you may not find yourself wearing a lot, Sugarfix is the way for you to go.  I do wear it…a lot, and don’t mind spending a little more for the quality.

Who knew? Hope you have a great week.  I plan to get a lot done in the basement bathroom.  I feel like it will never end.  At least I have started!  Go do something fabulous this week….free summer evening concerts in the park with a picnic are my favorite! I think we will go one night this week.




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