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Patio Makeover | The Plan

May 5, 2018

Good Saturday morning, friends!  I am finally getting back to a more normal routine.  My husband’s recovery has been long so far, but he is getting stronger every day and I have returned to work. The kids only have 3 weeks left of school and I’m so excited to get to hang out with them on the patio this summer….one of our favorite things to do!  Which is the driving force for this patio makeover.

The sun is out today!  I have been waiting for the warm weather to arrive here in Indiana!!  I feel like Winter has been hanging on for so long and the gray was making everyone grow weary.  We have all been anticipating Spring more than ever before.  Spring has been threatening to arrive as some of the trees have gotten their blossoms.  But they are sparsely scattered among the trees that still look like the dead of winter, their dark, lifeless limbs without any sign of life to them.

The sun has given me new hope for the renewal of life.  It has brought the birds out and they are happily singing.  It has warmed the cold, frosty grass and told it to turn green.  I am so excited!!  It has inspired me to start planning for all of the dinners and nights out on the patio with a glass of wine and some jazz playing overhead on the speakers with the family laughing together and chatting about life.

I am busy planning and dreaming of freshening up our outdoor living and dining spaces for this warm weather.  The plan will include new flowers, rugs, pillows and lighting!  I can’t wait to get going on it all!!!  The weatherman has given the go ahead to plant flowers, even though the rule really is to wait until after Mother’s Day because of the frost.

When we built our home, we added a large covered patio with a fireplace and stepped that down to an uncovered dining patio.  The fireplace is perfect for those rainy Spring mornings with a cup of coffee and cozy blanket.  That basket will be perfect to hold those cozy blankets and keep them within arms reach.

I just ordered that rug and those adorable bird cloches.  I am on the hunt for the perfect pillows.  One thing I don’t like about outdoor pillows is that they are stiff and uncomfortable lending themselves to look flat and uninteresting.  Look for my secret for using regular, beautiful, down filled pillows out on the patio coming soon!

The Plan:

  • Add a large rug
  • Refresh the cushions on the furniture
  • Add new lighting
  • Bring in more fun touches of greenery on the tables
  • Bring in color with dishes and pillows
  • Add practical and beautiful storage to the space.

I hope the Spring weather has inspired you to make a few beautiful changes around your home and excited you about the lazy summer days that are coming.

Have a great weekend!!

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