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Monday Musings | vol.3

July 10, 2018

Good morning, friends!  ok….I realize it’s not Monday, but I did write this yesterday and then life happened.  So many things happened last week!  4th of July was…uneventful.  We didn’t do anything, really.  Having Wednesday off gave me a 3 day “weekend” so I cleaned up the house,  which was way overdue.  

My husband is still recovering from his surgery so he wanted a “quiet night.”  I think that may be impossible on July 4th.  Especially when every neighbor is a pyrotechnic enthusiast.  We are from Colorado where it is illegal to purchase fireworks and set them off.  It is an event that everyone gets really excited for and a show that you watch.  Not in Indiana.  It is pretty cool right in the backyard.  But not good for a “quiet night”.  It was also blazing hot here and so humid.  Do your dogs freak out like ours?  OMG….the shaking.  Our poor dogs were beside themselves.  Enter CBD dog treats.  Just smooth sailing from there.  It just calms their nerves and makes them relax.  We get ours from a Colorado based company called Cured Nutrition.  We also take CBD oil which has been great for my husband’s recovery and has started to take away the anxiety I occasionally feel.  Sometimes I get a rush of adrenaline, my heart pounds and anxiety takes over for no reason.  This has helped it so much. 


Best CBD dog treats
Dog Treats


I have been finishing my basement bathroom.  If you have missed following along on my Instagram Story, follow me in my feed at the bottom of this page and never miss a thing!   I have been dragging my feet on it for a long time.  I got a “memory” from Facebook from a year ago of a pic I posted of the materials I bought to start finishing it….did you hear me say a year ago?  These past few weeks I have made some progress in there.  I can’t wait for it to be finished!  There are so many OTHER things I want to do with my time…like build a library in our front room.  I have finally finished the tile in the entire shower and now I have to grout it.  Such a tedious job and not my favorite.  But, once you start, there is no turning back.

diy bathroom tile
Wall Tile // Pebble Tile


Patio update….


I got an email from Home Depot (my other home) that they cancelled an order that I had placed about 3 months ago.  Thanks Home Depot, Summer’s almost over.  It was a set of planters that I love and they were the least expensive at HD.  I would have just ordered them from somewhere else (insert eye roll here).  They’re so sweet and, if you have been around here for a while, you know I love birds.  I am on the hunt for them again.  Of course, now I am not sure that I want them.  Maybe next summer.

iron planters

Did you see my latest post on my DIY banister in the basement?  It has actually become a popular pin so I thought I would share it again.  This basement has been a very long project.  When you DIY, it never feels like it is actually done.   There is always just one more little thing that needs to be finished.  I suspect that, if someone else were doing the work, I would never know the corners they cut or the things that they didn’t meticulously care over.  

DIY stair railing


BALANCE ATHLETICA – My daughters have created an athletic clothing company.  I will do a whole post about their story and when it is launching, but here is just a sneak peek at one of the ensembles.  So much time, money and energy has gone into making sure that they are soft, comfortable, AFFORDABLE, amazing quality and squat proof.  They have had sample after sample arrive and have worked tediously and tirelessly to put out an amazing product!  Launch will be in July….more details to come! You can go to their Instagram handle @balanceathletica and sign up for launch notifications.

balance athletics pine


I hope you all have an amazing week ahead and are enjoying everything about summer.  Unless you live in AZ….it’s SO hot there.  At 115 degrees my friends are all melting!  We have a big week ahead….more details to come and I wish it was fun.  There will also be more DIY.  Let’s all set some goals.  I am going to grout the shower.  That is all I can commit to but I will get it done!  What will you do?


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