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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for a Teenage Girl | Under $30

November 20, 2017

It’s about that time, friends.  You may be struggling to find that ultimate gift for the fickle teenage girl in your life. Don’t worry!  I am here to help you out with my holiday gift guide JUST for her!  I have thought hard about and scoured the web to find the best gifts for your little princess.

Whether she’s at the ice skating rink gathering for a selfie with friends or trying to capture the best video for these lenses will fit her needs!  Why not? They’re so fun and they’re easy to carry around in her bag!  They have a soft padding that clips right to her phone so it’s easy and fun!

You want her to carry her phone and some cash with her but she doesn’t want to carry a purse.  She wants to stick her phone in her pocket.  This phone pocket isn’t a case, it sticks onto the back of your phone and is a little pocket that has just enough room for an ID, a credit cards or a cash stash.  Perfect for you both! Bonus points for its cuteness!

OK…..I love a cute chandelier earring and this color is so adorable.  Perfect with her hair pulled up in a pony tail and just enough style added to her t-shirt and jeans. Add a scarf and some cute puffball tennis shoes…

Have you ever seen your teen try to prop up their phone to watch something or take a picture?  Does it make you cringe when you see them stack up a can on top of the cereal box just to get the perfect shot? This tripod has a great rating AND has a bluetooth remote that will allow them to take that perfect pic with their friend without missing the great shot!  Plus, it’s a little more stable than pantry edibles.  Goodbye cereal box and canned goods!

If you ask for fashion and function this scarf has plenty of feminine style and cuteness galore.  Soft pink and gray is just so pretty.  Plus she needs to be warm, right?

Selfie ring for a minute?  She will adore this ring.  It attaches right to her phone so she and her friends won’t be running around looking for that “perfect light”.  Great for sleepovers because it works so well in low lit rooms and it has a rechargeable battery!  Win/win!

There is just something about a knitted winter hat with a faux fur puffball on it, am I right?  This hat is so soft and cute!  Plus it comes in a variety of colors.

OK…now don’t get mad…this one is $38, but oh so cute!!!  I love this monogram necklace from Anthropologie. And I consider it lucky to get out of Anthro for $38, lol!  Seriously, she will love it and her friends will want one, too!!  Nieces will love this, too!

Every teenager is worried about her skin!  Let her feel like a princess with these sweet satin pillow cases!  I wish I had them when I was a teenager.  They’re so soft and silky on her skin she will love them and the good night’s sleep she will have.

How about an ultra cool shoe?  These pink suede shoes are so cute!!! They are so chic…perfect for that teen that loves fashion and comfort!  I know this is a little more than $30 but I couldn’t resist! They are just so stinking cute!!!

I have a few things I want from this gift guide myself.  I hope this helps you guys a little bit in finding that perfect gift for the ever-changing teen in your life!  Happy shopping!


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