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Meet Zoey and Lily | A New Puppy

November 17, 2017

My daughter and her husband got a new puppy around this time last year.  Meet Zoey.   Her middle name is “I do no wrong”.  Zoey is a Maltipoo and the cutest thing!  She is so sweet and full of energy.  She is, by all definition, their daughter.  They call her their “dogger” which I guess makes her our “grand-dogger”.  We love her to pieces and she spends a lot of time at our home.  We puppy sit whenever they need us.  But, We have a song we like to sing about her and it goes something like this to the tune of “Mary had a Little Lamb”……

“No means yes, yes means yes and everything is mine…..hey that’s mine!”

You can probably tell from the words to that jingle that she doesn’t really have any rules.  Her parents think she is the cutest and everything she does is amazing and so cute and laugh when she is naughty.  “You’re not naughty, your beautiful”. (A glimpse into parenthood, perhaps?)  She even has her own instagram!  @zoeythemaltipoo  She is housebroken, so I have been told. She just likes to “mark her territory when she is here” I have been told…..This is not her territory I tell her.  But, like the song says, “no means yes and everything is mine”.


She doesn’t bother our Bella one bit.  Bella simply looks at her with a cold, dark stare that says “don’t even think about it” and Zoey gets the idea.  If Zoey misses the signs Bella will let out a low, decrepit grumble.  That is enough to let Zoey know that if she wants to live, she will leave her alone.  The irony is that Bella has no teeth left in her old age, two bad hips and weighs all of 4 pounds soaking wet.  But, we don’t tell Bella that.  She still thinks that she is a Rottweiler.  Let’s just let her live the dream, ok?


Lucy, on the other hand, poor Lucy.  Zoey TERRORIZES poor Lucy.  The funny thing is that whenever she hears Zoey come through our door she is so excited!  And then it hits her that she is here to stay for a while and when Zoey leaves, Lucy is exhausted.  She jumps on, pulls on, tugs at, tackles, chases and antagonizes poor Lucy.  Lucy loves to play but Zoey plays ALL.THE.TIME.  That’s what she does.  “No means yes” remember?  Lucy just takes it and is so sweet to Zoey.  They are buddies.


My daughter and son-in-law just moved into a larger home with more space and, you know, obviously that means that they need another dog.  Enter Lily, our newest “grand-dogger”.  Lily is a Cockapoo and as black as night.  She is so black that you can’t even see her eyes except for the sparkle they have.  She is 8 weeks old and they brought her home yesterday.  They dropped Zoey off at our house at 7a.m. to go pick up this new addition.  I kept telling Zoey that her life is about to change.  That she is going to wonder what the heck happened and want her old life back. And that there will be a moment when she realizes that Lily is NEVER LEAVING!

They brought Lily to our house to introduce her to Zoey. Something about introducing them in a neutral place so Zoey wouldn’t be upset. Newsflash….Zoey is going to be upset. Judging from her face in this picture I am sure you agree.  It turns out that Lily is bold and fearless. She is 8 weeks old and full of spunk!  And guess what?!  Zoey is afraid of her!  Lily is already doing to Zoey what Zoey does to Lucy. And poor Lucy?

I will give you a glimpse of Lucy’s new life with Lily:   Lucy was running away from Lily because she is also afraid of her.  As she was running, Lily grabbed onto Lucy’s tail WITH HER TEETH and was hanging on for a fun ride as Lucy ran around in sheer panic.  Poor Lucy!  When Lily let go, all you could see was a huge, white puff ball of Lucy’s hair hanging out of Lily’s mouth. And Lily was ready for more. But, only because Lily is so tiny and mighty!

Funny enough, both Zoey and Lucy have one another’s back.  Lucy stands up for Zoey and vice versa. They haven’t learned the art of tag teaming yet but they better soon.  I think that neither one of them understands that tiny, mighty Lily will now rule with Lily’s rules.  And, Zoey, you’re the only one who got a photo shoot of your very own!  Good luck ladies!


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