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February 16, 2019

It’s here!  It’s here!  It is finally HERE!!  My daughters and Son-in-law own a company called Balance Athletica and we have all been waiting for this day!  Today they are launching a new collection!  I have to talk about it because 1. they are my kids and 2.  I love this brand they have created!  If you don’t follow them on Instagram, you can check them out here.

Balance Athletica is an online store for workout and lifestyle clothing and gear.  The fit, fabric and colors are amazing!!  And I am so proud of who they are and what they stand for.  They are an all-inclusive brand that embraces and empowers ALL women (sorry, guys, but they are working to celebrate you soon).  Watch below to see the company owners talk about their mission and how they started.

Their first launch was in July 2018 and they almost sold out of everything within a few hours of opening their shop.  They all live in Denver, home base for the company, but they flew out to Indiana to surprise my husband, myself and their siblings by being with us during their first ever launch.  It was such an exciting and nerve-wracking time!

They released the Outlander Collection with the OG Pant and the Define Top.  The response to the collection was overwhelming and set them up for a successful restock.  They designed and included an exclusive sticker that you could only receive when you bought a piece from the collection and the response was overwhelming to that, too!  People LOVE their stickers and we see them all over water bottles, computers and car windows!  It is kind of like being in a club that has its own secret handshake, lol!

Taylor, Chloe and Steve (my kids/owners) all went to Purdue University. Taylor graduated with a degree in Dietetics and is well-known in the fitness industry.  She is also a well-known Fitness Influencer and YouTuber.  Chloe graduated with a degree in Business with an emphasis on Industrial Engineering and a minor in Entrepreneurship (that’s a mouth full).  Steve graduated with a degree in Bio-Chemistry.  All of them bring something incredible and unique to the brand and we all love what they have brought to the people.

Balance Athletica
Featured: OG Pant in color Rain, Desert Morning Cropped Crew Neck, OG Pant in color Pine, Balance Dad Hat in color Aspen


Balance Athletica
OG Pant in color Rain, OG Pant in color Pine, Balance Dad Hat in color Aspen

Balance Athletica

Today they are launching the Kingdom Collection!  It is full of animal prints and rich colors.  I have never seen this in the gym or around town before and I am so excited to get my hands on this!! And I am so excited for everyone to get their Balance gear.

People have been setting their alarms and creating accounts preparing for Kingdom and it is SO FUN TO SEE!!  I know this because I work behind the scenes running their customer service and people email me all day long with specific questions regarding the launch.  The excitement is overwhelming. Plus, their brand Leaders are excited and can hardly contain how this line makes them feel.  They truly love it.

King Cheetah, Snow Leopard, Kodiak, Copperhead, Dire Wolf…you’ve got to get yourself some!!  Check it all out here!  I Guarantee you will find something you love. What are you waiting for??  Launching today, February 16, at 12pm MST!    Yes…there will be another exclusive collection sticker.  I can’t wait to get mine!  You won’t be able to see the collection on the website until noon but you can set up an account ahead of time.  Check out their debut video for King Cheetah below and HAVE FUN!!!

Comment with your favorite color or print from the Kingdom Collection below!  I think mine is King Cheetah, but I really want them all!  For more videos of the collection like this, check out their feed on Instagram!  Don’t forget to subscribe over on the left so my latest posts come right to your inbox.

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