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Fab Friday Finds! | What I Got for My Birthday

April 13, 2018

So, in case you missed it, it was my birthday on Monday!  It was a great day!  It was freezing and gloomy outside.  That created an opportunity for my husband and I to just chill and binge watch House of Cards while the kids were at school!  I felt like we were playing hooky.  We got to go out to lunch, grab a coffee and come back home to chill some more.  My family showered me with the sweetest of words and gifts along with beautiful memories.  It could not have been a more perfect day!

I love the way my family thinks about what I would really love on Christmas and for my birthdays.  They are always thoughtful when it comes to each other and with me.  It wouldn’t matter to me if I didn’t get anything, but it sure is sweet that they think enough of me to shower me with love on my special day.

Want to see what I got for my birthday?  I would love to share it all with you.

one    Most  of my t-shirts are from church.  I have a few basic tees.  I usually can’t find a great t-shirt that is ultra comfy that isn’t see-through and that I would want to wear unless I am cleaning the house….until now.  The kids gave me this one.  It is soft and fits well.  It’s sporty and I can wear it with a cap and leggings.  And did I mention it matches my shoes??

two   OMG!  My favorite new color.  The hottest thing this season and these are so cute on!  I needed a new pair and the kids  know me so well!  I love getting a new pair of kicks.  Do you see the lace detail within the mesh?  So cute!!

three   I guess by now you know that I love fun earrings.  They just make an outfit.  You could have the most basic t-shirt and skinny jeans and earrings just make it pop!  My bestie sent me these and I love them so much!!  I love a cute, full tassel earring.

four   This is SO cute!!  The kids are always telling me that I need to drink more water.  What a fun and whimsical water bottle.  I love the color!  It’s so cheery!!  And the giraffes….precious.  And everyone at work will know it is mine.

five    I am a sucker for a little turquoise detail!  The kids were sent out by their dad to get me a couple of cute things I would love.  These were one of the things they chose.  They know that I really love the Sugarfix line from Baublebar at Target.

six   I  love the little chain detail on these earrings.  A soft pink, pale blue and a little gold.  Perfect!  They fall at just the right place!

seven   I love a good, lightweight zip-up to get me through a breezy Spring day and this is just the fit!!  My kids picked this out for me and they couldn’t have done a better job!  It matches my shoes, too!  And it is REALLY cute on!

My mom gave a me a gift certificate for Ann Taylor.  I will wait to spend it until she comes out to visit in a few weeks for Mother’s Day and my son’s 18th birthday.  I only see her twice a year (you can read about her last visit here.) so I like to do special things when she is here.  Although, her love for organizing usually takes over and we usually find ourselves knee-deep in projects!  There seems to always be something that needs attention in my house.  As hard as I try….there is always something!  And she can’t help herself!

Have a great weekend, friends!!!

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