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5 AMAZING DIY Dining Tables

September 26, 2018

I have been contemplating building my own dining room table.  I have been looking at plans from some of my favorite ladies in the biz of building furniture and DIY.  I follow along with these ladies in all that they do because they inspire me to always challenge myself and learn something new.

Each of these women has a different build style and uses different methods to achieve the same stunning end result….a dining table.  Each of these plans just require a straight or 45 degree angle cut.  Nothing crazy.  And pocket holes….lots of pocket holes.  What makes me want to build my own table is the fact that I can make it ANY size I want it to be and I can adjust the look any way I want to.  And I love the handmade-yet-not-like-I-built-it look. (Yes, it’s a thing). I love that they don’t ask that you get crazy tools that you have never heard of before.  You just might have some of the tools needed in your garage right now!

The sisters at Shanty-2-Chic make me laugh and I absolutely adore them.  It makes me want a sister.  I only have a brother who has NO interest in ever building anything. Period.  Plus he lives in Boston so that also makes it impossible.  The sisters are so fun to watch and I believe are really helpful to all different levels of builders from the novice to the experienced.  And they make it look so easy.  Plus they are moms to A LOT of kids!  They have 3 tables that I think anyone with the right tools can do.

DIY Dining Table


1 //  This DIY Turned Leg Farmhouse Table is just stunning!  Could you see this in your dining room?  I love the chunky turned legs of this piece. It may not look like it, but this is a really simple build because you don’t have to construct the legs like you do in all of the other plans. This is a pretty easy build, actually.  These legs you order from the same place I ordered mine in my craft room.  You can see what I am talking about here.

2 //  A Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table.  It may just be the name that is enough to make me want to run to Home Depot and grab all the wood!  It has a lot of detail, but nothing that cannot be done with some patience.  It isn’t a hard build, but may be a little hard for a novice builder because of all of the angles and pieces to cut.  They are, however, only 45 degree angles so no math involved.  Thank goodness!

3 //  A popular trend is this Industrial Corbel Farmhouse Table.  I love the color they decided to stain this piece.  It is a pretty substantial table with a lot of detail.  Again, not hard, just a lot of pieces and glue.  They even added some metal to the mix.  Can you believe they also built the storage behind the table, too?! Of course you can.

The first simple DIY building project e-book I ever bought was from Ana White called . She began building as a necessity because she couldn’t afford to buy the kind of new furniture the way she wanted.  She really couldn’t afford any furniture at all.  So she just decided to build it.  She inspired me in so many ways.  She has tons of plans on her website.

DIY Dining Table

4 // Rekourt Table by Ana White.  I love the simple lines of this table.  I love the “X” in the center.  This turned out so pretty!   It looks similar to the Turned Leg Farmhouse Table but it has very straight lines. So pretty!!

Sandra at was my mentor for my craft room.  She is amazingly, crazy talented.  She was such a great mentor to me.  She was patient and challenging at the same time.  I spent 5 1/2 months building this craft room of mine.  You can see the journey starting here.  Remember, when I started this room I had never heard of some of the tools I was about to purchase and had never built a cabinet in my life.

5 //  X Leg Dining Table goes with her build style.  She is so talented and takes on full renovations of homes so a table is a little thing to her.  She also has plans for a matching bench to the table.  It is very linear.  You can adjust the top to be as long as you like.

If you didn’t already know one or all of these incredible ladies, I hope that you have enjoyed discovering them.  All of these inspirational women have pushed me even though they don’t even know it.  I always think I can do something and then I tell myself I am crazy.  But then I see other women pushing me to do what I thought was possible and actually making it a reality.  What are YOU inspired to do?  Did you already know all of these incredible ladies?  I would love to see your projects!

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