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Top Gifts for the Family for Christmas | What they loved!

December 31, 2017

Have some Christmas money you want to spend?  We have two sons and three daughters that range in ages 12 to 25 and I will be sharing the family’s favorite gifts of the season.  If you guys are looking for something to fall in love with, you are still looking for something for a belated Christmas gift or looking for ideas for a birthday coming up soon, check out these items for ideas they will love.  Most of these things are on sale right now, too!

one //  Our daughter has wanted one of these jackets for as long as I can remember.  This year we got her one.  She has been wearing it non-stop and it is super soft!!  I will neither confirm nor deny her sleeping in it.

two //  No one really makes white headphones so we got our daughter the Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones.  They have GREAT sound (I have them, too).   Great for the gym (or cleaning the house).  She is so excited and can’t wait to use them!

three //  My son, all he wanted was a Playstation VR headset….he is never coming back to this reality!  I tried it and it is so cool!!!    One thing to note, though, is that you will also need to get the controllers because it just isn’t the same without them and they are sold separately…of course.  But, SO COOL!!!  He said in order to really get the best experience you need the controllers and I couldn’t agree more.

four //  My parents were just commenting on how they still have all of their original vinyl records so we bought them a record player. They were SO thrilled!  They went immediately to get all of their records out of storage and have really loved the nostalgia of the time when life was a lot more simple.  What I loved about this one is that it has a vintage feel and the records actually sit inside the unit vs. hanging slightly over the edge like some of the other ones.  Also, the price was just so good!

five //  Our other daughter has been walking around in a really mediocre, cheap robe that she has had for years.  She heads outside to walk the dog in it and it was time to upgrade to a nicer one.  If not for her sake, then for the neighbors!  I picked up this robe from Pottery Barn and she loves it!!!  We got our other daughter one last year and she has been coveting it ever since!  I didn’t monogram it, but that sure would have been cute!

six //  Mr. Lovely really wanted a nice vest that he could wear to work and that would fit him well.  It has been really hard to find a good fit for him.  He is 6’3″ and is very broad but not heavy.  He needs an XXL!  So, we tried several vests including North Face and Under Armour. They were all very boxy and not flattering at all.   The very best fitting one and most beautiful is this gorgeous vest right here!  The colors are gorgeous and I love the details that really dress it up!  The plaid on the inside is gorgeous, too.

seven //  Our son-in-law needed a good pair of slippers and we didn’t mess around!  These are the Ascot Slippers from Ugg.  He, too, walks the dog with our daughter and these are perfect for running around the house and chasing the pups! They are available in 5 colors.  We got the suede in charcoal, but they also come in leather.  I got UGG slippers, too, and I LOVE THEM!!!  I got the Dakota slipper from my daughter.  They’re also available in 7 colors!  We also sprayed the slippers with a protective spray so that the snow won’t ruin them.

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Have a Happy New Year, friends!!!

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