Good Grief!

August 31, 2017

Good Grief!  There is so much swirling in my head right now and I am looking beyond the mess to find the love.  It is heavy and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same.  I worry.  I know I shouldn’t.  My human nature fights it so I am always handing it up.  The trials, the sadness, the loss, the bitterness, the open hands ready for blessing, the triumphs, the joy, the ugly, the happiness, the fear.  All upward to God.  It is hard to hand it up, to let go, so I do my best and that is all any of us can do.  I am in the middle of a devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  It is so grounding and encouraging.  In this, the common thread is to hand up your worry to God.  This verse sticks out today:

Matthew 6:34 – “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today”.

My heart hurts right now with all of the hate and division along with desperation that is displayed and seen all over.  There are also my own trials placed before me.  But I am rejoicing in the unity of all of us.  Darkness cannot hide from light.  All of the bitterness lately seems to have been taken over by the joining of hearts to help a devastated Texas.  It is so encouraging. Tears fill my eyes daily as I see all of the images and videos capturing the loss.  They are devastating and heartbreaking.  Yet, there is an underlying theme.  People are coming together.  Despite their differences, backgrounds, race or religious beliefs….people are helping one another.  Those of us who are not close to be able to physically help are pulling together and donating time, money, supplies and sending prayers.  We are in a unified moment. And it is beautiful.

There has been so much loss.  And not just in Texas.  All over.  We are all grieving and it hurts.  Yet it is good to grieve the loss and differences.  It helps us renew ourselves and rebuild.  When the grieving is over we are left with a renewed hope and sense of purpose and direction.  Even in the midst of the mess we are hopeful.  Others come along side us in the mess and we grieve together, building strength.

My daughter was using the craft room yesterday and left a BIG mess.  Stuff everywhere.  A small category 3 tornado had been in there.  I went into the room and was annoyed about the mess.  I knew that I would probably have to clean it up and put everything back in the right place.  Then, as I looked past the mess, I noticed that she had left me a note. It was a hot glue note written on the window.  She said ” I LOVE YOU”.  Not for any reason.  It wasn’t an apology for the mess.  It wasn’t to persuade me to give her something.  She just wanted to let me know she loved me. In that moment the irritation melted away and my heart was full.

There will always be a mess.  Somewhere in your life.  At any given moment.  So, even in all of the mess, I want to encourage you to look for the love in the midst of it. Look for the love.  Focus on it and the mess will have less of an impact.  The mess is dark and love is the light.  With this little note from my daughter, I can chuckle and adore this mess and get a glimpse of her creative process and, in a weird way, appreciate it.  Because I know I am loved. And the love makes the mess fade.

*(watercolor image from poppyandpinecone on etsy)

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