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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Boys | Under $30

November 22, 2017

Let’s face it, boys are sometimes hard to shop for.  They make that transition from playing with toys to, well….not playing with toys, so quickly.  I know that the teen boy in your life probably has a big-ticket item that he wants, but it’s good to have a few less expensive gift ideas for yourself or grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Got a few nephews that have everything?  A check is good, but these gift ideas are all under $30 and I think they’re super cool!

I have to mention this gadget again here.  This lens is so powerful and cool and if it was cool enough for the girls their holiday gift guide, it’s cool enough for the boys!

If you like to give gifts that are unique, this is a very unique gift for a teen boy! Try a guitar pick made out of agate!  I know my son would think this is pretty cool and would be something that would be really special to him!  Don’t like agate? No worries, they have a variety to choose from. How about a guitar pick that is an arrowhead?

Check this out!  Unique and subtle this bedside pocket is the perfect addition to a teen boy’s bedroom for all of the gadgets he wants close by.  Game controllers, phone, iPad, book….he can keep whatever his heart desires within arm’s reach.  Here’s another idea, include a new book and some earbuds when you wrap it!

He really might just stay in his room and never come out if this cool fridge is in his room.  Nah, he will eventually have to eat!  This holds 6 cans of soda or mini water bottles and I think he will love it!  I mean, how cool will he be when his friends come over and he offers them a cold soda right from his room?

I use to love playing games with the family.  I try to get my kids to play, too, but they are always so into their phones.  Well, I have found the perfect game to play that uses their phones.  It’s called Game of Phones and it lets them use their mad phone skills that they have honed to play it and compete against their friends.  Parents can play, too, but your kid is probably better than you.

Gone are the days of toting around a baggie of toothpaste and hair gel.  It’s time for your teen to appear to be more put together than he really is.  It may be a while, but we can fool people until it happens.  Fill this cool travel kit with his favorite gel, toothpaste and deodorant.  OK…maybe it’s more of a gift for you!

Boys love their vests! Mine wears his all the time.  This puffer vest is such a cool color and lightweight.  Don’t like olive? It comes in black and blue, too!  It is light weight and will give him a little extra warmth on those cold school days.  We need that here in the Midwest….brrrrr!

He needs to keep warm but wants to constantly be on his phone?  You win with these!  He can avoid frostbite AND stay current on snapchat!  These gloves are toasty and have touchscreen compatibility so no lost moments!

Might as well throw in a Trapper Hat, too.  These are so cool…kind of reminds me of “A Christmas Story”.  Hope nobody sticks their tongue to a pole!  This will be perfect for those cold, wintry days.  Whether he is into hiking or just scraping the snow off of his car, he will love this and he will look cool doing it!

Keeping him warm and still cool is obviously a theme this year.  If he wants to go to all the school activities but it’s cold outside, you can keep him warm with this personalized blanket!  You can add his name and initial to really make it his.  Or you can simply add the school name and colors and he will always have school spirit AND be warm. His friends might even be jealous at those football games!

Be sure to check the specials tonight for Black Friday!!  The prices may even be LOWER!!!  The other day I wrote a gift guide for teen girls under $30 and a few of the items were priced so low you just couldn’t pass it up!

From our home to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

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